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ASSX Token
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Our Mission

Is to bridge the gap between Digital and Physical Assets. To develop a community driven Alternative Asset ecosystem that comprises of Asset Exchange Platforms, Asset Marketplaces, Physical & Virtual Safe Asset Storage, Asset Backed Financial Services and Grading & Appraisal Services. Utilizing blockchain technology as a true form of asset ownership verification, smart contract execution and a fluid token to facilitate the transactions.

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The ASSX Exchange, Marketplace and Auction platform, aptly named EMA, will be a platform for users to be able to exchange, trade, buy and sell assets directly on the marketplace and hold auctions for their assets. When using EMA together with the ASSX Vault, ownership will be transferred instantly, transfer of ownership records will be logged on to the ASSX blockchain. This creates a more fluid marketplace with higher liquidity, allowing new investors to easily enter the market, regardless of location, and shipping constraints.

Investors can now purchase the alternative investments without worrying about authenticity of the asset, documented ownership and can easily trade assets according to their investment strategies, whether it be short term speculative trading or long-term holding.

In order to, re-investment to the community and further development the
platform. Each transaction will incur a 3% fee, where 1% will be used for the
platform, 1% redistribution to ASSX staking pools, and 1% to charitable

Key Features:
• Asset authentication and verification via blockchain
• Seamless change of asset ownership
• No barrier of entry into Alt Asset Investment Market
• Anyone in the world can invest
• Higher market liquidity for traders and investors

Introducing The ASSX Asset Backed Lending platform. The ABL is a peer-to-peer lending platform that gives asset owners, who’ve stored their assets with the ASSX vault, access to different financial lending services provided by the ASSX ABL Platform. Asset owners will be able to take out percentage loans at low interest rates using their stored assets as collateral. Owners can choose to take out loans on individual assets or pool multiple assets together to apply for larger loans.

How it works:

Asset Owners Applicant (AOA) select an asset they wish to take a loan out against. The (AOA) Submits loan application to ABL Platform. The ABL Appraisal Algorithm calculates a suggested lending amount and interest rate based on ASSX EMA market data, then creates a lending package (LP). (LP) gets listed on the peer-peer lending marketplace, where lenders can browse through existing (LPs) and choose which (LP), they want to participate in. Once a lender has selected an (LP), they enter a smart contract, agree to the terms and conditions, deposit the funds, funds are then transferred to the (AOA). Lender is now earning passive income using providing an asset backed loan. In the event of the (AOA) defaulting on their loan, the lender will obtain ownership of Asset. This significantly reduces risk for the lender.

ASSX ABL Service Fees will consist of a one-time Application fee of $50 and 0.5% interest rate. Fees will only be incurred if loan was successful provided to the AOA and will be deducted from the loaned amount.

The ASSX Vault is a fully automated Alternative Asset Safe Storage Facility.
Here asset owners can safely store their assets in a secure facility that is
connected to the ASSX Blockchain. The ASSX vault is in integral part of the
ASSX system to bridge the gap between physical and digital assets. In order
to effectively transfer ownership of items and maintain security and authenticity. Assets need to be checked and verified for each transaction. In
order to facilitate this the ASSX vault is a fully automated robotic verification

Each time a transaction occurs, the system performs a scan check of the asset. Automated robots, perform this buy pulling the asset from storage, scan the QR code, and executes the verification protocol with the the ASSX Blockchain. Once the proper security protocols have executed and the correct
verification keys have been returned, the transaction will be allowed to take place and ownership will be transferred.

Sample of Safe Storage Automation

ASSX Vaults will be secured by 3 party security firms such as Brinks Security Services and Chubb Vaults. Auditing services will be conducted by firms like Deloitte, PWC & KPMG. Assets will be insured by companies such as Nationwide, Chubb and insureon. We are currently developing 3D Architectural drawings of the facility. Please follow our Social Media pages for more updates.

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ASSX Token

ASSX stands for Alternative Asset Safe Storage Exchange. A utility token to facilitate the exchange of real world Alternative Assets Investments in the digital.